We Sponsor the CACFP After-School Program

For many low-income families, providing healthy food at the end of the school day adds stress to already limited family budgets.

According to a 2013 survey conducted by Share Our Strength and APCO Insights, low-income families report tight household budgets, which make it difficult to provide nutritious food when school is out. In fact, a quarter of low-income parents surveyed worry that their children do not have enough to eat between school lunch and breakfast the following day. The At-Risk After-school Meals Programs connects children with the free healthy food they need in a safe, supervised location. For some kids, this is their best opportunity to access a healthy meal after the school day ends.

The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 permanently authorized the At-Risk After-school Meals Program as part of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  Through the At-Risk After-school Meals Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides reimbursements for snacks and meals served by educational or enrichment programs in areas where at least 50 percent of students are eligible for free and reduced-price meals. 

Many after-school programs already feed students using their own funds because they recognize that children need healthy food to stay focused and active through the afternoon and into the evening.  By participating in the At-Risk After-school Meals Program, organizations can use the money saved for additional programming or staff, conducting outreach, or improving meal quality. Additionally, programs that have added meals report an increase in attendance and improvements in student behavior.

Henry County School Nutrition provides after-school meals in all school locations when there are after-school enrichment activities scheduled.  Both high schools offer meals to any student staying after school for activities Monday through Thursday every regularly scheduled school day.  Fieldale-Collinsville Middle provides meals to students participating in the MHC After-3 group, Laurel Park Middle has an Excel group that meets on Tuesday evenings and an MHC-After 3 and the elementary schools receive meals for any after-school programs that are held every day and for the tutorials sponsored by the schools.  Meals are offered Monday through Thursday at our Center for Community Learning to high school students arriving for evening classes.

School Nutrition also partners with other groups that offer enrichment activities to students outside of school hours.  We would like to thank the following partner organizations for working with us to offer nutritious meals and snacks.

Axton Elementary School, 1500 Axton School Road, Axton - suppers for Boys & Girls Club & other after school activities

Bassett Community Center, 119 Blackberry Road, Bassett - Supper for MHC after 3 group

Bassett High School, 85 Riverside Drive, Bassett - Supper for after school activities

Center for Community Learning, 15 Primary School Road, Collinsville - snacks & supper for after school activities

Cheerful Chaps Daycare, 100 Marshall Way, Fieldale - After-school snacks & supper

Collinsville YMCA, 395 W. John Redd Blvd., Collinsville - Supper for after school activities

Drewry Mason Elementary, 45 Drewry Mason Drive, Ridgeway - supper for Boys & Girls Club and other after school activities

Fairway Baptist Church, 9427 Fairystone Park Hwy, Bassett - Supper with Wed. night youth group

Family Worship Center, 1180 Preston Road, Martinsville - Supper for Wednesday night youth group

Fieldale-Collinsville Middle School, 645 Miles Road, Collinsville - Snacks & Supper for After School Activities

Fresh Start Ministries, 337 Patrick Avenue, Fieldale - Supper with Wed. night youth group

G.W.Carver Elementary, 220 Trott Circle, Snacks and/or suppers for after school activities

Laurel Park Middle School, 280 Laurel Park Avenue, Martinsville - Snacks & Supper for after school activities

Magna Vista High, 701 Magna Vista School Road, Ridgeway - Supper for after school activities

Meadow View Elementary, 740 Figsboro Road, Martinsville - Snacks for after school activities

Mt. Olivet Elementary, 255 Lancer lane, Martinsville - Snacks & Supper for after school activities

Patrick Henry Community College, 645 Patrick Avenue, Martinsville - Supper for MHC after 3 Group

Rich Acres Baptist Church, 78 Stuart Ridge Road, Martinsville - Supper with Wed. night youth group

Rich Acres Elementary, 400 Rich Acres School Road, Martinsville - Snacks & Supper for after school activities

Sanville Elementary, 19 Sanville School Road, Bassett - Snacks & Supper for Boys & Girls Club & after school activities

SPICE Tutorials at Spencer Penn Center, 475 Spencer Penn Road, Spencer - Snack with Mon. evening tutorials

Stanleytown/Amazing Grace Daycare, 755 Fairystone Highway, Stanleytown - snacks for after school activities

Stanleytown Elementary, 74 Edgewood Drive, Stanleytown - Snacks for after school activities

Valley Drive Baptist Church, 889 Valley Drive, Fieldale - Supper with Wed. night youth group

Vision Assembly of God, 153 Oakland Drive, Collinsville - Supper for Wed. night youth group


Groups that offer enrichment activities to students outside school hours that would like to be able to offer a nutritious snack or meal with the activity can contact Henry County School Nutrition at 276-638-1159.